The old cliché “The best way to build your business is by word of mouth” has put as many restaurants out of business as any other negative influence on success. The truth? The independent restaurant is in a very crowded and competitive arena where chain operations spend millions in advertising to create new and hang on to old customers.

The ugly truth is that even your most loyal customers get lured away and forget about you. You have to constantly remind them, and even more importantly, remind potential customers that you are still in business. The independent restaurant operator often has no time and little money to market his operation.

That’s where Bill Stephens Associates Restaurant Consulting helps you increase your revenue and customer base. With over 20 years in journalism we are uniquely suited to run a gorilla marketing campaign for you..

• Newspaper and magazine articles
• Restaurant reviews
• Television talk show interviews
• Unique promotions
• Hospitality and transportation referrals
• Websites and internet articles
• Third party endorsements
• Cooking demonstrations for area clubs and organizations

Contact us today for a remarkably effective marketing program designed within your budget and run by BSA Consulting while you operate your business.