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Don’t Let Your Restaurant Become a Statistic
Two out of three restaurants fail during the first two years of operation. Why? Because the owners failed to ask for the help...the help that could turn your operation around to become profitable.

Seldom is the problem with a failing restaurant as simple as poor quality and service. When we analyze failing operations, most often we find the owner/manager has failed to install and operate cost control, management reporting, and accurate, timely accounting systems.

Faced with mounting payables, owner/managers make poor decisions like:

“Borrowing” the IRS Withholding taxes.
“Borrowing” the sales taxes.
Becoming involved in food giveaway marketing programs
Falling for expensive marketing schemes that often do not work
Opening for additional meal periods.

Here are two truths that you must learn from reading this:
1) “Borrowing” from the IRS and the state comptroller is one of the quickest and most painful ways to close your restaurant.
2) If your costs are not in line, it is very difficult to “market” your way to profitability.

Why? Let’s run the numbers:
Food costs = 35%
Labor costs = 35%
Marketing costs = 10%
Total variable costs= 80%
Every $1.00 of sales increase by marketing = $0.20 on the bottom line.

With effective cost control and reporting:
Every $1.00 of cost savings = $1.00 on the bottom line.

Many failing operations could be profitable at their current revenue if they controlled their costs.

Bill Stephens Associates has packaged all the step-by-step procedures necessary to turn your restaurant around to profitability in a program that you can afford.

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